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Sumaiya Khatun
Apr 27, 2022
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Research by the Institute for Operations Special Database Research and the Management Sciences shows that online advertising has been impacting offline sales for several years now. This influence is increasing. In fact, more than 80% of online ads currently impact offline sales. It is therefore important to reach your target group both online and offline. In order to properly determine which marketing channels you can best invest your marketing Special Database budget in, it is important to have insight into the cost-income ratio of a channel. You measure that with Google Store Visits Because the customer journey of consumers is becoming increasingly complex with the advent of online marketing, it is important that companies such as Google demonstrate the impact of Special Database online advertising on offline purchases. That's why Google introduced Store Visits Special Database at the end of 2014 . This tool maps out exactly to what extent an online advertisement leads to a store visit. With 99 percent certainty, it is shown how many people have Special Database clicked on an ad and how many of these people have actually gone to the physical store. Shop visit Store Visits are therefore all measured offline store visits that are attributed to a click on an ad within Google. Google AdWords shows how many offline store visits a campaign, ad group, or keyword has Special Database generated. How exactly is this done? Google goes through 3 steps: 1. Google Special Database extracts data from Google accounts During the first step, Google tracks the people who are signed in to Google accounts. Google then measures which profile clicks on a particular ad. 2. Google tracks the location of the logged in user Google can see where the person has been based Special Database on the location history, which is linked to the user's GPS. Furthermore, Google uses Wi-Fi, IP signals and Google Maps. Google can then estimate whether the person has been in your store or not. 3. Google validates data To see if Google has the data correctly, Google validates the data with a short Special Database online survey. With this, Google claims to achieve 99 percent certainty in the reported Store Visits.

Sumaiya Khatun

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